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As always, but even better than the last book; believe it or not, we get a high injection of interactions from all the different characters from books past, which made my heart giddy with happiness.With this book, Penny Reid goes back to basics; balls to the wall with the quirky, funny, smart writing that we all love, her very best if you ask me.

No matter who you are, or what you are about, this book can translate to you.

Because we’ve all been on terrible dates, we’ve all felt lonely or misunderstood, or been let down by love.

Matt is into robots, he believes he can build machines that can replace human affections, and he needs Marie’s input from their “date” for his latest project.

This is all fine because Marie also needs Matt’s help to write her latest article, which is about dating.

Marie Harris is a gorgeous woman living in Chicago & working as a contract writer/reporter. Just as she’s about to give up, she gets an alert from a site that they’ve found her perfect match.

She makes plans to meet a man named Derek with high hopes that they will hit it off. The man looks nothing like the picture she’d seen & on top of that he’s arrogant & just plain strange. Marie later has a run-in with her attractive but odd date from hell & finds out his real name is Matt Simmons.

Not only is he confident & funny, but he’s so damn sexy.

He’s a brilliant nerd who brings out her playful side.

He eventually begins to grow on her & they strike up a mutually beneficial deal.

She realizes her first impression of him was wrong.

He not only felt right, he felt like he’d been made especially for me. I’ve only read the first book and now I’m dying to go back and read all the ones I have missed!

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