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Sandi and Mc Carthy had a relationship dating back to 2012, leading to the subpoena.

Sandi’s team is working to have the case be dismissed in Cook County and heard in D. She seeks to inspire, encourage and motivate young women.

A former ambassador for Source Hip Hop Magazine and the iconic brand (RED) Stephanie continues to hold true to her entertainment roots as the Managing Editor of her own site "She’s My Superwoman", a website dedicated to showcasing women in health, fitness, fashion, politics, entertainment and business who have overcome great obstacles in order to become the women they are today.

Whether the case is fought in Chicago or the nation's capital may turn on whether Hammer can prove Sandi Jackson committed acts in Illinois that led to the divorce.

Tuesday's subpoenas demand that Mc Carthy and the other men turn over any gifts that they have given Sandi Jackson, or that she has given them, as well as any "cards, letters, notes etc." The subpoenas also demand the men hand over copies of any "films, videos ... that you received from Sandi, that you sent to Sandi, and/or that reflect you and Sandi together," as well as records related to any trips or outings they took together. Simon's subpoena demands records dating to January 2015, while Love's demands records dating to January 2012.

He must furnish property, cash and check records for items given to Sandi.

Documents detailing items he received must be furnished, too.“He’s so desperate,” states Sandi Jackson, speaking of her husband.

Former Chicago police Superintendent Garry Mc Carthy has been subpoenaed by lawyers handling former U. The increasingly bitter divorce comes after the Jacksons' dramatic fall from power.

Jesse Jackson Jr.'s lawyer, Brendan Hammer, last month alleged that Sandi Jackson committed "acts" in Illinois that led her husband to file for divorce but declined to say what those acts were, mysteriously commenting only that the acts "could be from the benign, to the sublime, to the malign."Neither Mc Carthy nor Love nor Sandi Jackson's attorney immediately responded to requests for comment, while Simon said in an emailed statement that he was "shocked that I am included in this fishing expedition." But the development is likely to raise eyebrows and increase attention on a case that was already high-profile.

Two other men — Chicago cop James Love and Mc Carthy business partner Richard Simon — are also targeted in identical subpoenas.

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