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She basically told me she never wanted to speak to me again.

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Hi All Here is a quick update on my original story. Made it clear that he didn't want to discuss our relationship and nor his decision. They may choose some one they believe will accept being treated badly. Your self esteem has taken a knock like it would for alot of non anxious people as well as the anxious.

Here is the link for full story: Anyway, my EX boyfriend. However, he informed he wants to maintain in a relationship together. Sadly you are experiencing the negative side of getting into relationship,i.e the breakup.

She is adorable and sweet, and truly lovely person but when she is angry, it is explosive. I feel like if she is angry with me, she is venting her anger based on all the experiences that she has had in the past and I am the outlet.

She never understands why I care so much and why I am good to her. I am usually very temperate, but if I show any anger she freaks out. We had an argument over sometime very minor but she absolutely blew up.

Let her know that you're there for her, if she needs to talk. Think of her as a dove who's been tortured in her cage all throughout her life.

She'll appreciate your efforts, and will be able to allow you into her heart. When someone does care enough to reach in there to help her out, she backs away and huddles into the corner of the cage.He agreed that he wasn't going to drink nor take meds for the day. Focus on improving your self esteem by reminding yourself of your strengths.At first he promised me he would come over at 12pm today and then changed it to pm. He rang me later and informed he was going to the pub to have lunch and a shandy. If thats what you want then there are other guys out there better suited for you.I had to cancel a visit to see her (long distance) and it was very dissappointing for me. She pushes away, and doesn't know why you care for her for obvious reasons, her adoptive father has obviously made her feel used and unloved, and that is a feeling that's hard to shake.But I am giving her space and will use the excuse of the Holidays to contact her. I don't think you should feel remotely disheartened by any of this, she cares for you, you care for her, she probably feels like you don't, try explaining exactly how you feel, if you haven't already.The more you show gentleness, the more she will learn to let go, and be able to come closer to you. This might not be the best analogy, but that's how I think of it. I became very upset instead of trying to understand what was going on and my insecurities unfortunately only added to the situation.

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