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After your registration, you will receive an Email with a link to sign up for the B2B Partnering. The renewable power generation sector shows reasonable progress.

A., Italy Leister Technologies AG, Switzerland New Infrared Technologies S.

L., Spain Our B2B Partnering is an ideal tool to facilitate networking, to meet international material experts and to foster new business relationships.

In order to reach the climate objectives set, the three aforementioned sectors will have to interact closely (sector coupling).

Materials will play an important role: they can e.g.

Mat XAfter a short introduction into the subject, the workshop participants generate possible ideas for novel applications of energy materials and address specific questions regarding the enery transition: What problem will be solved by the new idea? This serves as basis for the second stage workshop at the i SEn EC Conference which takes place on July 17th-18th 2018 in Nuremberg. i SEn ECIn order to set the framework of the second workshop, the idea profiling boards from the Mat X workshop will be presented. This additional information is added to the profiling boards to develop possible business cases.

The workshop participants can choose from these ideas and discuss single topics in more detail: What role can this idea play in an integrated energy system? At the end of the two workshops, all elaborated ideas will be made available for the conference participants of both Mat X and i SEn EC.

Flex Hy Join will support the industry-wide usage of metal/TP-FRPC hybrid components in automotive mass production.

Partners in the Horizon 2020 project 'Flex Hy Join': CRF Centro Ricerche FIAT S.c.p.

Aim of the international project Flex Hy Join, funded by the European Union’s program for research and innovation “Horizon 2020”, is the novel development of a fully automatized joining process for the automotive industry.

Its objective is to enable rapid manufacturing of hybrid metal/thermoplastic-based fiber reinforced polymer composite (TP-FRPC) parts.

You are a young scientist or an industry researcher?

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