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Also since the 1960ies the great growth of the canal boat holiday industry has ensured the Thames leave Brentford and continue the great canal boat adventure to climb up the Hanwell Flight of locks on the borders of Ealing.

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NB: It takes about a day to navigate through all the locks on the Hanwell flight and there are not many casual moorings between locks so be sure to leave enough time!

Some boaters keep a bicycle on their narrowboat to facilitate getting between each of the locks.

This area fell into disuse and decay, with the decline in freight traffic on the canal.

However, in recent years it has been revitalized, with the construction of new houses and apartments.

The route of the canal keeps well away from the town, and continues to climb, until you reach the delightful Cassiobury Park.

As mentioned earlier, the canal dates from the late eighteenth century.

Here you navigate through Stocker's Lock , located next to an interesting range of farm buildings.

It was here at Stockers Farm that the famous TV series "Black Beauty" was filmed.

The locks together raise the canal by 53ft, in less than half a mile.

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