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My speed dates include a Peruvian movie buff, a Wall Street financier in Final Fantasy armor, and a cosplay photographer from Hong Kong.

Some men are looking for girlfriends, but most say they’d be happy even with the dreaded friend zone.

I need help with this to make the stroyline fit together better and maybe for him to have a better background that can link up with the Head Official.

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I dressed as Marceline, the Vampire Queen from Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time.

I had my cosplay all put together and carefully thought out.

I definitely loved seeing all the various cosplays, kept an eye out for amazing plus-size cosplay.

I’m still going to get my dork on going to more conventions, but for now I’ll stick to striking a conversation in line rather than rely on speed-dating.

He doesn’t think he’s the fastest Walmart assembler in the world, but admits that in 25 years he’s gotten pretty good. In the craft economy of costuming, his specialty is fabricating armor.

His Darth Vader costume is worth an estimated ,000. Starting weight, 367, current weight 346.2,” he blogged last week.

“It was like twenty guys and five girls,” he recalls. Later that year, he emailed the organizers of Stars Wars Celebration V to suggest they try speed dating. He says his friend and speed-dating collaborator Jeff Hubbard is the best assembler in the world. Hubbard has been assisting Sci-Fi Speed-Dating setup and ticket sales since the beginning.

“I got an e-mail back asking, ‘How does speed dating work? The day I met him, he was wearing an Indiana Jones costume rigged to play the movie theme song when he walked.

Glitch’s most prized costume is an Episode III Anakin Skywalker worth ,000, but weight gain currently prevents him from wearing it. Glitch’s speed date hosting style is part stand-up comedy, part Soup Nazi.

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