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Horses and cars used to pass through the giant arch at the base of the trunk, until it was limited to just hikers recently to help preserve it.However the powerful storm which hit California and Nevada over the weekend caused flooding and mudslides, and the Pioneer Cabin did not survive the onslaught from the bad weather. The tree was one of a very few tunneled in the US - the Wawona Tree, which stands in Yosemite National Park, fell over in 1969 and was estimated to be 2,100 years old.

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“The Terradoras are cute enough to wear around town but rugged enough for desert hikes.

And the Uneeks are super comfy—perfect for around camp at the end of the day or to slip on and off in the car.” Three hours after Caroline hit the tarmac, Meg steered her Subaru into the shimmering August sun and toward Carrizo.

He told "When I went out there (Sunday afternoon) the trail was literally a river, the trail is washed out.

"I could see the tree on the ground, it looked like it was laying in a pond or lake with a river running through it.

“If we want people to care about conservation, they have to experience wild places,” says professional ski mountaineer, adventurer, and KEEN ambassador Caroline Gleich.

That’s why she summoned her friend and fellow KEEN ambassador Meg Haywood Sullivan, a professional photographer, to take a four-day road trip to four national monuments they’d never seen—Carrizo Plain National Monument, Giant Sequoia National Monument, San Gabriel Mountains National Monument, and Sand to Snow National Monument—all of which lie within a day trip of Meg’s surf bungalow in Venice.

For example, 1580 was an exceptionally dry year that is reflected as a very small ring in most giant sequoias.

Once dated the actual calendar years in which fire scars were formed can be determined and a history of fire reconstructed."While its intuitive that climate patterns influence fire regimes, this study's data provides some of the first looks at how past fire regimes responded in a sequoia grove.

If You Go: The city of Bakersfield, with plenty of lodging and dining options, is 70 miles to the east.

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