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These collection of frames are often referred to by the rather non-technical sounding name of a “group of pictures”, abbreviated as GOP.A video codec, used for encoding or decoding a digital data stream, all have some form of interframe management.

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Unlike p-frames, b-frames can look backward and forward to a previous or later p-frame or keyframe (i-frame) for redundancies.

This makes b-frames more efficient as opposed to p-frames, as they are more likely to find redundancies.

Usually denoted as FPS (frames per second), each frame is a still image that when played in sequence creates a moving picture.

So content created that uses a FPS of 30 means there are 30 “still images” that will play for every second of video.

Much of this specific advice relates to streaming due to adaptive bitrates.

To learn more about that technology, reference our How Adaptive Streaming Solves Viewer Bandwidth Issues white paper.

In particular, it overlooks a fascinating process called interframe, which involves keyframes and delta frames to intelligently compress content in a manner that is intended to go unnoticed.

This article describes this process in detail, while also giving best practices and ideal encoder settings that you can apply to your live streaming at IBM Cloud Video.

Subsequent frames, the delta frames, only contain the information that has changed.

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