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In 1989, Robert's much older brother Jackie Merrick died in a shooting incident.

Jack begun dating Sarah Connolly and she became an auxillary mother to Robert.

In 1996, when he was 10, Robert became friends with Andy Hopwood.

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Robert sided with Sarah over his father but Jack won custody, as Sarah was not his biological mother.

In November 2000, Jack was cash strapped so Andy planned a fire in one of the barns so Jack could claim on the insurance.

Robert was more ambitious whereas Andy was committed to helping on the farm outside school hours.

In 2000, Sarah cheats on Jack with much younger Richie Carter.

In September 2001, while on a night out with Marc Reynolds, Donna Windsor and Katie Addyman, they miss the bus home and Andy steals a car to illegally drive it home.

They accidentally run over their headmistress Barbara Strickland.

Sarah and her lover were hiding and were trapped Richie got away but Sarah, too scared to jump off the bannister, was killed.

Robert later found that Andy started the fire and in May 2001 went to live with grandmother Annie in Spain. He shows a much darker side to his character as he starts taunting Andy.

With his return in October 2014, he become involved in the major storylines; returning to the village with the White family, an affair with Aaron Livesy, the manslaughter of Katie Sugden and cover-up, being shot by Ross Barton in the whodunnit storyline, supporting Aaron when discover Aaron was sexually abused by his father Gordon Livesy when he was a child, rekindling his relationship with Aaron and becoming engaged to Aaron.

While Eric Pollard is the longest serving continuous character ever, having overtaken Alan Turner's duration in December 2017, Robert Sugden is the current character with the largest gap between his first appearance and latest appearance, and counting.

Robert plans to go to London with Debbie, along with Max King.

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