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“I just wasn’t into the clubs or dating scene.” Underwood met his wife, Linda, through an online dating service.

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There is no age limit, but members must be at least 18 years old.

Underwood said cost is a big difference between E-Snag and the major online dating services.

“We review every profile, every change,” Underwood said.

“Nobody can see your profile until we approve it.” After a profile is approved, members receive registration confirmation via e-mail and are free to log in and search the site to view members and find matches.

Underwood, who also owns the Pow Wow Cruise, said the idea for E-Snag came after his cruise business garnered interest in having a Native singles cruise.

E-Snag was created out of a concern to have more equal balance between the number of men and women on the cruise. For those who want to check out the site to see if it’s right for them, a free limited membership is offered.At its core, native advertising can be defined as digital ads that match the environment of a website or an app, and offer a logical content extension of the ecosystem on which they appear.There are numerous formats of native, including articles, widgets and videos; and more will inevitably hit the market in the future.Cleverly capitalising on viewers’ inherent emotional connection with the show’s main characters Mindy Lahiri and Danny Castellano, the brand was able to leverage its native ad to attract new users.On the flip side, the show was also poised to benefit in ratings, as this collaboration exposed it to Tinder’s 50 million user base.Underwood said “a couple dozen” marriages have resulted from matches on E-Snag.

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