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As she gets more comfortable with this LIFE magazine correspondent's questions - this takes some time, because she is cagey, or even cold as an ice-bucket, about certain topics - Naomi will lie back, almost flat on the sofa, and answer the questions. Possibly being horizontal is related to the fact that she was in Bono and Ali's house in Killiney last night, catching up with her old pal, Ali. I feel like I'm somewhere but nowhere." Asked what kinds of books she reads, Naomi says: "Well-being books about being well, and caring for the body, mind, spirit, soul." Are the self-help books helpful to you? "And I want to know about new ways of taking care of the body.

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"I think Madonna, as we know, is someone that says what she wants and she does what she wants. "It depends what I'm doing," she smiles, "and where I am. "I'm not," she answers coldly, "discussing that right now." That told me. It is just a great movie." Did you grow up on NWA and rap music in south London? I grew up with reggae music, with Bob Marley [Naomi, aged just seven, was cast in the video for Marley's Is This Love? I think the best process was being with Gavin and working with him and trusting him, because he's great. talent is God-given, be humble; fame is man-given, be thankful; conceit is self-given, be careful. Naomi Campbell was actually lovely and, as such, I loved her. The superstar is practically tucked up in the pink, fluffy bath-thingamajig; she seems so relaxed at this stage.

And she is ahead of her time in a lot of the things that she does," says Naomi. Anna Wintour is really happy." You once said that with designers like Gianni Versace, Azzedine Alaia, Yves Saint Laurent, and Karl Lagerfeld, you were "part of the creativity". "Yves St Laurent and Alaia and Gianni and Karl and Marc Jacobs," Naomi answers."They would ask you certain things when you were doing your fitting. If I'm filming and I'm wrapping late, I go to bed late. Flustered, I ask her instead what the last movie she went to see was. He's so talented." I had read all the stories, good and bad (mobile phones thrown, etc), about Naomi Campbell before meeting her. I imagined her and her life as some sort of a cautionary tale along the lines of .

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Some of us in the non-fashion world got our first glimpse of Naomi as a horizontal hussy in Madonna's Sex book in 1992. " Did Madonna talk you through the whole concept for the book? Just my part." Naomi was pictured having a simulated menage a trois with Madonna and the rapper Big Daddy Kane. It is about eating and food and what's good for what part of the body and the brain and stuff like that." I chance my arm with a question. Culture Club, Spandau Ballet, Duran Duran." What kind of music would you get up and dance to in a club? I like rhythm and bass." Didn't you do a song with Gavin Friday?

"I have great memories of doing the Madonna book," she recalls. "I posted a picture for her birthday from the book recently! To some, the images were akin to pornography; to others, they moved things on in terms of how sex and sexuality were viewed. If I am jet-lagged and I can't sleep, it's the worst." I have this perception of you that you live on planes. You talked on Oprah about having an abandonment issue (Naomi never knew her father)? "Gavin did my whole album," she corrects me, referring to Baby Woman, the 1995 album that Dublin-born arthouse singer Gav produced. We speak regularly." (There is a story - possibly apocryphal, but beautiful anyway, and worth retelling here - that Naomi, Bono and Gavin Friday sang We Are The Champions by Queen at Mr Friday's 1992 wedding in the Clarence Hotel.) Would you do more music? Just like a quick guest appearance, like on Quincy Jones's The Secret Garden. But I don't know if I have the time to do another album." What's your singing voice like? "I think everybody should try something; if it doesn't work, it doesn't work, but at least they can say they tried. "I like the element of surprise." There is nothing psychologically you would like to learn about yourself?

"I have known of this brand for a few years; for about five or six years now," she says. I am just in the middle of being balanced." Everyone has flaws, I say. "There's no one perfect." Is that why, when the media first started calling you a supermodel, you seemed reticent? "Because we didn't really understand what it was about - this title, this label. I don't think any of us were ever taking it seriously." But being held up as role models for millions of young girls across the world must have been difficult. It is not a negative." Can I ask you what are your flaws? More importantly, Naomi, now 45 years of age, seems to know herself well enough .

"I love that they've got so many different designs, and so many things that they do. To us, we were just our group just going around the world, working together and catching up at fashion shows." "I was mates with Christy [Turlington] So I got to see her and Linda [Evangelista] quite often. Then, the next thing, you're reading what you eat for breakfast on the cover of a newspaper! "It was a bit weird." It must have wrecked your heads. "If that's how people want to look at it, that's up to them, but that's not what we were," she says. I have always said not to put me on a pedestal." Do you think we all need to accept our flaws? I know the answer before I have even got the question out.

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