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Dweezil Zappa born to Frank and Gail Zappa, September 5, 1969, in Hollywood Los Angeles, California, is an American guitarist and actor.

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The parent(s) to be are called social parents sometimes, and can do the arrangement of surrogate pregnancy because of infertility of the woman or other medical issues that makes pregnancy or delivery of the child impossible, or maybe at risk, or otherwise undesirable, or because the intended parent(s) are male.

The eggs or sperm cells may be provided by the parents who grant the authority, but the sperm, eggs and embryo donor can also be used.

Even after his death in 1993, Frank still holds a large 'cult' following for his unique style and approach to music.

Introduced to music at an early age he fondly remembers watching his Father perform from the side stage while still in diapers being as no surprise as to why such a strong bond with music had been curetted.

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