Inserting updating and deleting data to mysql through php

that's it, here you can download this complete code and try in your localhost server, this was just for beginners (beginner level) hence we can also create file uploading class to avoid reuse of file uploading and we can also use Object Oriented way to achieve the same, hope you like it.

inserting updating and deleting data to mysql through php-11

In this tutorial we will learn that how to “Select Insert Update Delete database operations in My SQL using PHP”. Result: Id = 1 Firstname = Om Lastname = Dayal Email = [email protected]’s change or update database record info by using “UPDATE DATA” query syntax of My SQL.

Select data from database, Insert data in database, Update and Delete data are common process for every web-application. If you found message like “User inserted successfully.” then data successfully inserted in database. Copy the below code and paste it inside “select.php” file. Remember that you can not update single record without any reference field otherwise whole table data will updated.

now the next step is record displaying along with image, well using bootstrap it easy to create an image gallery let's have a look at the script.

within div tag class="row" an image gallery thumbnail will be generated from users table.

we already have a CRUD Tutorials but i haven't covered this, this tutorial is covered with proper image validation, let say only valid image extensions are allowed to upload and image size is also matters. CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `tbl_users` ( `user ID` int(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `user Name` varchar(20) NOT NULL, `user Profession` varchar(50) NOT NULL, `user Pic` varchar(200) NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (`user ID`) ) ENGINE=My ISAM DEFAULT CHARSET=latin1 AUTO_INCREMENT=51 ; as i told that, i have used her bootstrap for this tutorial so actual file code looks lengthy, that's why i have putted here only important and main code, the designing code is avoided. editing form is simple like an insert form is, the complete code is given in the downloadable file.

while editing a record we have to fetch selected record from database, if image is selected to edit then old image will be deleted and new image will be uploaded, here is the only PHP script.

- This is for the form of the webpage and for adding and deleting a data. And for more updates and programming tutorials don't hesitate to ask and we will answer your questions and suggestions.

We basically want crud operation(create,read,update,delete) on the same page create a table we use create query , as we enter the data in the table, that data will be displayed in tabular form on the same page Showing the available options such as edit ,delete in front of them.

If we click on the delete button, the entries can be deleted To change any field we click on the edit button In the given example: User enters the value inside the field, and click on Insert is stored inside the database table.

Second button is to display the value when user click on show button all information will display and with all rows a delete and edit link also displayed.

whenever user want to update he has to click on edit link or can click on delete link to delete the information.

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