Identifying fake dating profiles dating nice man

But the company's site posts a warning in its "Dating Tips" section and has taken further steps to protect their members.

"We've established automated processes and spent a lot of time developing our back-end systems to prevent romance fraud," Jarvis says.

"In the fake profiles, we frequently found inconsistencies in that area.

For example, a gay man at some stage in his profile may say he is looking for a woman," Land says.

That's why particular groups of people become very good at it and the city or country from which they operate becomes well known as a scamming capital."Nigeria has become famous for its scams, known variously as "Nigerian letters", "Nigerian emails" and "Nigerian 419 scams" – the latter is named after the country's criminal code introduced to outlaw the practice.

And much of the current crop of romance fraud does stem from African nations, as a recent academic study discovered.

"For instance, we no longer accept international credit cards, just Australian ones.

That's because we discovered that most of the scams originated overseas."Research suggests the scammers are like fishermen, casting their nets very widely and hoping for a bite," he says."They learn along the way what works and what doesn't and they share this information with each other.Typically scammers' profiles claim they are aged 20 to 29 – and they profess their love very quickly.Often the scammer fails to specify a particular sexual orientation, or some claim to be bisexual.Some get quite swept up in that pace and literally accept a date within two days.

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