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With possible issues both emotional and physical, this single dad is attempting to get ahead of the curve … But for kids on the spectrum, everything goes to 11.Lily’s system exists in a sort of delicate equilibrium.

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While a neurotypical girl might not know her classmate is autistic, she might notice that classmate's odd behavior or dress and offer advice.

That might seem early to be concerning myself with the potential challenges her teen years may bring, but I assure you it’s not. Mood swings, voice changes, and temper tantrums can test the limits of parenting patience.

And spending your life imitating and pleasing people can cause other problems.

Myers says she's met women who have just been diagnosed with Asperger's as adults and now have no idea who they are, because they've spent their whole lives trying to act like other people.

I can usually spot a common cold coming in two weeks because of her decreased appetite, sleeplessness, or mood swings, pulling my hair out for days waiting for that first sneeze.

What will happen when she begins going through puberty? It’s sensitive, private, and can be embarrassing to talk about. How can I prepare as my daughter starts to grow up?Sesame Street's theme park has become the first in the world to receive an autism accreditation, it has emerged.The 14-acre Sesame Place, on the outskirts of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and based on the long-running children's television show, features quiet rooms and a sensory guide to help parents plan visits."So as a first measure, we need supports that will immediately bring us help that keeps us from hating and hurting ourselves." And she adds that women on the spectrum could use help when they have kids of their own.They'd benefit from "direct instruction on parenting and mentoring both our daughters and sons, not because we are incapable of being good moms and role models, but because we might miss some of the more subtle points of parenting like helping our kids be accepted by other kids or helping our kids navigate the complicated school systems and non-academic challenges." Willey notes that girls on the spectrum do have one advantage over boys: little girls are raised to be more nurturing.The perception of autism as being a disease that's a function of "an extreme male brain," as one expert put it recently, makes it harder to help autistic girls.

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