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That area is kind of dying though – every time I go there there are less customers (and girls) in the bars.

If you have just arrived in Patong, checked into your hotel, taken a shower and short rest from your travels, then you will ask yourself: What am I going to do first?

Chances are that you don’t want to go sightseeing until your first full day on the island, so then what to do?

Probably the most relaxed place to have a cool Singha or two and still being surrounded by lots of hot bar girls is the Patong Beer Bar Complex.

This place is unknown to a lot of tourists, because it’s kind of hidden behind Second Road in the southern part of Patong.

And yes, if you like a girl and would like to take her back to your hotel for sex, then that’s possible of course.

You will need to pay her bar fine (and also a lady drink or two before) and arrange a price for short time or long time with her.

The girls aren’t as hot as in the other two areas on this list, but you come here mainly for the atmosphere and conversation with other tourists and expats.

There is another, small cluster of girly bars on Beach Road about 300m north of Bangla Road.

You will probably be greeted by one of the girls soon after you made your order, and she will start some small talk with you. Especially playing pool is a great way to meet other travelers and expats, you just need to write down your name on the white board.

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