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We will then make our way across the Severn River to the London Heathrow Airport area for overnight before our return trip home on a new, non-stop flight to SLC.

Rejoice as you ponder all that you have come to experience and appreciate of your ancestors, where they lived and toiled, where they were converted to the gospel, and where they departed from as they answered the call to gather to Zion!

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Travel on to Cardiff for an afternoon at St Fagan’s Folk Museum, an open-air village chronicling the historical lifestyle, culture, and architecture of the Welsh people–see how your ancestors lived thru the ages.

Gather at Gadfield Elm, the first LDS chapel in the world and home of the amazing United Brethren congregation conversion, among other exciting events & sites.

Visit the legendary Benbow (Hill) Farm where Enjoy Merthyr Tydfil (named after a Welsh Christian princess) the birthplace of David O.

Mc Kay’s mother and a successful area for missionary Captain Dan Jones as well as many other missionaries. Drive by Cyfarthfa Castle built by William Crawshav, the “Iron Lord.”Travel underground in a pit cage deep into the Big Pit Coal Mining Museum for an eye-opening tour led by ex-miners.

Tour ends at London Heathrow for flight home – Capital of Scotland and one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Enjoy Edinburgh Castle the birthplace of King James I of England (he was also King James VI of Scotland) who authorized what is now known as the King James Version of the Bible. Margaret’s Chapel survived every military demolition and after 900 years it is still in use.

See important LDS History sites in England where missionary work began and the port through which many embarked upon ships as they answered the call to gather to Zion.

Among Ron’s previous tour groups to these areas, most participants were able to visit the actual home-towns/villages/hamlets where their ancestors lived.

Visit amazing castles & priceless museums, beautiful seashores, delightful musical entertainment & possibly a game of bowling on an authentic bowling green–all while exploring ancestral sites and incredible LDS history.

3 days in Scotland, a couple of days in England, and 7 days touring extensively through Wales with THE expert on its LDS history!

This town is also a favorite–located on the seashore, our hotel looks out over the beautiful waves and beach… Learn about coracles, ancient Welsh fishing boats (small, one-man portable vessels) from a delightful local expert at Cenarth Falls.

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