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If you're not familiar with social link sharing site Reddit it, here's how it works: Users post links to relevant content in different forums called "subreddits" (for example: r/science, r/funny), and then other members can comment on posts, "upvote," or "downvote" them. Read More

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"I have known of this brand for a few years; for about five or six years now," she says. I am just in the middle of being balanced." Everyone has flaws, I say. "There's no one perfect." Is that why, when the media first started calling you a supermodel, you seemed reticent? "Because we didn't really understand what it was about - this title, this label. I don't think any of us were ever taking it seriously." But being held up as role models for millions of young girls across the world must have been difficult. It is not a negative." Can I ask you what are your flaws? More importantly, Naomi, now 45 years of age, seems to know herself well enough . Read More

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