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During that time she has worked with Deaf people as a counselor and taught American Sign Language.

She has experience writing curriculum and developing sign language degrees for community colleges.

She has a doctorate in Industrial/Organisational Psychology, and well-grounded in the theory of human behavior at work.

In addition, she has held management positions in three companies, and thus "speaks the language" of upper management.

Michael is known for his concise resolutions, particularly in Commercial Law.

Patricia Addesso has worked for over 20 years in retail, academic and telecommunications organisations.

He loves helping his Web design clients take control of their Word Press blogs and websites. Donna Acosta, RD, is a registered dietitian and nutrition educator.

Her clinical expertise is in weight management, diabetes nutrition care, and cardiac rehabilitation management.

When he isn't writing and teaching, Steve is the CEO of Alcorn Mc Bride Inc., a leading theme park design company. Neil J Anderson is a Professor of Linguistics and English.

He also serves as the Coordinator of the English Language Center.

During this time, he has worked with Microsoft, Novell, Unix, and Linux servers, and has created Web sites using a variety of different programming languages.

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