Gratis sex dating sverige - Dhv online dating

That’s a great opener when asked with an accent [a DHV accent that is]!

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The Caribbean English accent fascinates women; particularly white girls.

In Jamaica, it’s very common to see white tourists who become expatriates and defectors from their native countries to Jamaica.

It’s also commonly known in America, that if a guy from The East Coast US ventures to the southern states, his sheer North Eastern English accent would become a HUGE fucking DHV [plus]!

He will attract lots of girls just by uttering few words. This can’t be said however for men from the southern states [quite the contrary].

Same goes for a Jamaican or any other black dude from the Caribbean.

Speaking English with a Caribbean accent will catapult your Game and chances with women sky-fucking high!

People’s egos by nature are stroked whenever asked for their opinions on certain matters.

It makes them feel important, wanted, smart and helpful.

If you didn’t know better, you’d think that these chicks are staring at you in a bad way.

The French guy in America or the UK is also a hot-fucking commodity.

Having an accent could be a powerful component to your overall attraction value.

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