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I read the book in a single day because it was so great.In fact, the 2005 Slagle lecturer, Suzanne Peloquin, wrote an article on how Ora Ruggles exemplified the trait of empathy (as mostly evidenced by this biography), which is a trait all OTs should strive for.

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These men would knit and knit and knit to stay occupied, making very long scarves.

They’d be proud of them and send them to their wives and girlfriends and mothers, so in 1919, in many cities across America, you’d see women wearing long red scarves that were often dragging on the ground, because these soldiers had made them in OT.

She also revealed details of the IRA internal investigation which she claims forced her to confront her abuser and that it prevented her from getting justice through the courts.

Ms Cahill said that when he found about the rape allegation in 2000, Mr Mc Guinness kissed her on the cheek while putting a “comforting arm” on her shoulder.

Her biography was written by John Carlova and is called The Healing Heart.

That’s based on her famous line, about how you must reach for the heart, as well as the hands, for it is the heart that does the healing.She had a strong artistic knack as well as ingenuity, imagination, and compassion. Two stories in the book that made me laugh: 1) She and a bunch of other reconstruction aides, who were all young single females, ended up dating soldiers they were working with.One time, she and several other aides went out with their boyfriends to meet their parents, and one of the moms fainted, because every single one of those soldier boyfriends was missing at least one limb!I’ve tried to get my hands on this book, but apparently it is out of print and it costs about .I was thrilled to discover my local major library had it.He had been a man, she stated, who “oversaw some horrific murders and abuses by virtue of his position within the IRA” and also within his own community.

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