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Almost two years later they randomly met up again at the annual International Consumer Electronics Show (IFA) in Berlin. When I met up with them, they had just begun living together in a quiet district Berlin-Lichtenberg.The flat they rent is a classical example of a GDR , panel house. I believe that we have much in common, not only our temperaments, but also mentalities.

In my view, the wedding should be just for close friends and relatives. Learn your partnera��s mother tongue Never underestimate the importance of the language your partner speaks.

You can learn a lot from it and may be able to understand your partner better, because the soul of nation is in its language, especially in proverbs and idioms.

In which western european countries it's easier to start a relationship or even marry a local woman?

Or should I ask,where generally men are in higher demand?

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Virginia, legalizing interracial relationships in America. The Loving Day project seeks to share the history of interracial couples in America, providing educational resources and encouraging nationwide celebrations on the anniversary of the landmark civil rights court ruling.

[Source and further information:]According to statistics, intercultural couples sometimes have to face not only cultural but also social challenges.

Liliia is a young but experienced journalist from a beautiful Russian enclave Kaliningrad.

Currently studying media science at the Humboldt University of Berlin, she has a background in philology and journalism.

The darker the persona��s skin color, it seems, the more often these experiences take place.

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