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On Twitter, the outpouring of responses about “Cat Person” from men and women display a clear juxtaposition.tons of women in my feed are sharing the new yorker “Cat Person” story but not many men; which is unfortunate bc it’s like a secret window into a private experience our majority has suffered thru & if anyone needs to read that shit it’s men.After crunching the numbers for hundreds of women and how often they reached the big O, there proved to be a clear correlation between male partners' selfishness and how often the women had orgasms.

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The story - called Cat Person - follows the courtship of a young 20-year-old woman, Margot, and a 34-year-old man named Robert, as they try to form a relationship of some sort built on nothing more than a shared interest in movies, art, jokes, and cats - some of the most poignant sections highlight experiences that are relatable to women when it comes to modern dating.

At times during the story, Margot is unsettled by Robert's apparently manipulative behaviour, his rough and distant manner in bed, their age difference, and his attitude to women.

But what being in a lesbian relationship done is made me realize how effing amazing being in a lesbian relationship is. Because nobody's orgasm is considered the "main event," you both get of attention. I know many men are receptive to sensitive conversations, and some men can even be MORE emotional than their female SOs, but so many of my friends are scared of looking "emotional" to their boyfriends.

I don't care that it's tradition, I find it really uncomfortable and a little insulting when someone acts like I shouldn't pay. It means we deal with issues as they come up, before we're stressed to breaking point. Of course there are men out there who are amazing people and make amazing partners — and some women who are selfish as hell.

— Anya Jaremko-Greenwold (@Anya Jaremko) December 10, 2017 every single woman i've seen sharing this talks about how relatable it is, which is really fucking sad, but if you want to ~get it~, read this — Eleanor Gordon-Smith (@The Real EGS) December 9, 2017 It's am and I can't sleep because I'm still thinking about #Cat Person and how tons of women identify with it & have had experiences just like this or worse — but the men who read it, if they even do, will never ever think that maybe they are like this too — Martha Sorren (@marthasorren) December 11, 2017 I’m seeing so many takes about Cat Person that revolve around Margot being “selfish” and “vapid”.

1) why are we demanding perfect 20 yr old female protagonists?Many women saw sexual selfishness as a typically male attitude, aligning with other traditional gender roles.The study results were depressing, but also fairly predictable: women were scared to ask their partners for extra attention in bed if they perceived them as sexually selfish, and as a result were less likely to have orgasms.Constantly trying to appease the sensitive Robert, even apologising when she laughs when he asks if she is a virgin: The end of the story, in particular, is also resonating with readers for its relatability and for summing up modern dating, especially in the age of online dating.A month later, Margot sees Robert at a bar, where Margot is getting drinks with her friends. Interestingly, the story that has received such a strong response from women for its relatability has had the opposite effect on men.The study Next, participants were asked how often they had orgasms and whether they reached orgasm via oral stimulation, penetration, etc.

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