Dating international dating personality

You will be faced with a statement such as ‘I am a warm and emotional person’ and then you choose how much you agree and disagree about that statement.Other questions may ask you to choose 4 words which describe you best out of many more.

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It is quite interesting and fun, but it is difficult to say how this goes into the matching algorithm.

Members are matched based no a whole range of criteria.

It doesn’t feel like a chore at all though, because the test is varied and interesting.

Part of the test is similar to others, including e Harmony, which means answering a bunch of Agree-Disagree questions.

The online dating industry seems to split at this time.

One the one side are extremely simple and superficial apps like Tinder, where you simply swipe left or swipe right, to like or not-like a potential match based solely on their profile picture.

The Parship personality test is made up of several different parts.

Like e Harmony it takes a while to finish the test, probably at least 30 minutes and perhaps more.

While e Harmony focuses a lot on compatability on the more down to earth factors, Parship is based on variants of the MBTI personality types and Jungian archetypes, but also on Freudian psychoanalysis theories.

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