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They’ve got their name, age, sexuality preferences, religious beliefs and they are asking for you to get in touch.This isn’t a dating site, but a prison pen pal site looking for writers.

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The site presented a disclaimer warning viewers that it’s not responsible for pictures of prisoners exposing their breasts or lounging in G-string bikinis, they stated: None of what you will see on the site is hard core, it’s all softcore. Posting a sexy photo helps a great deal.’ “I think it reflects poorly of our entire industry” says Adam Lovell, owner of

Adam is one of the many who want to shed this dating identity prison pen pals sites have got for themselves.

In some cases provocative language is apparent in some pen pal sites such as,, and the no longer in action

In March 1 2005, started to accept semi-nude pictures for its profiles. They are very lonely and need someone to help them through the time.

Pen Pal Passions gives people who are part of the Penpal community a place to find one another.

You are welcome to use Pen Pal Passions solely as a dating site, since it has all the major features found on mainstream dating sites (e.g.Prison pen pal sites aren’t anything new; they started to crop up in the USA around 15 years ago with the goal to keep prisoners in contact with the outside world during their time behind bars.From here the motivations of different sites start to show, and many have since been criticised for the sexualisation of prisoners in their pen friend profiles.If this is you then maybe you need to find a pen pal.Christian has a large database of Christians looking to find other Christians for a pen pal relationship.In the same year as semi-nude photos were being accepted on Ladies of the Pen, female prisoners in Arkansas were accused of allegedly duping men into sending money because of posting these seductive images.

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