Cystic fibrosis dating another cystic fibrosis patient

These provide crewed, deep space capability for Moon and Mars missions, without the need for solar or chemical propulsion.* With an expanded budget and improved technology, China has taken the lead in many areas of space.

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2040-2045 China's space program is rivalling NASA During the late 2010s, China revealed a number of long-term plans to significantly expand its national space program.

The country was already making progress towards a new space station, but had even greater ambitions for the decades ahead.

2040 India's economy is rivalling that of China and the U. By 2040, rapid economic growth has enabled India to catch up with China and the U. These three countries – the G3 – now have by far the largest share of world GDP.** India has benefitted from a number of cultural, economic and demographic trends in recent decades.* This includes a youthful, growing and economically productive population,* now the world's largest at 1.6 billion,* with an average age of just 34.

By comparison, China's average age is 46 and its working population has been declining.* Expansion and development of India's service sector – adding greatly to the global knowledge-based economy – has occurred in parallel with a slowdown in China's growth rate as its economy matures.

Due to its global influence and military capabilities, India has also gained a permanent seat on the UN Security Council.

Later this decade, on 15th August 2047, the nation will celebrate its 100th anniversary as an independent state.* However, climate change and other ecological impacts are converging with increasing speed.

However, entirely new capabilities have also emerged – space resource utilisation through asteroid mining, for example, and the construction of space-based megaprojects, such as orbital solar power stations.

China is also among a group of countries now making the first serious attempts to develop a space elevator, though it will be some time before this is fully built and operational; not just because of technical challenges, but in part due to safety and insurance considerations and the international laws required.

This space plane, with a scheduled first launch date of 2025, would allow China to begin offering space tourism and a rival to the likes of Virgin Galactic.

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