Barriers to updating medicare

Deciding on the proper time to discharge a patient can be a difficult decision and is impacted by a variety of factors.

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This document provides an overview of benefit questions that may arise for transgender people and information on what to do in response to an initial denial of coverage.

Medicare covers routine preventive care regardless of gender markers.

Other healthcare staff point out that many healthcare professionals are not investing the necessary time to determine the patient’s situation outside of the hospital in order to be able formulate a realistic plan of action for after the patient is released.

In some situations, resources outside of the hospital are difficult to access due to various factors including education about resources, transportation to resources, geographical proximity, and various other factors.

Most cited was the hesitance of older patients to leave the hospital, particularly when lacking a caregiver at home.

In many situations, older patients without caregivers are resistant to going to assisted living facilities and therefore oppose discharge.Issues such as having too few beds impacts the ability to make decisions by placing necessary constraints on the length of stay of some patients.In order to admit other unhealthy new patients, decisions must be made on who must be discharged, which can result in release of a patient who may actually benefit from receiving further care in the inpatient setting. If physicians are overworked, they are unable to communicate appropriately with nurses and other staff resulting in a disconnect in communication from physicians to patients.Patients may, then, be undereducated regarding their care plan, negatively impacting their ability to successfully and fully recover.Some healthcare practitioners have cited patient preference as a barrier to effective discharge.Sometimes coverage may be initially wrongly refused due to an apparent inconsistency of the hormones with a gender marker in a person's records.

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