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Copperhead OS adds special permissions for controlling access to data in the background in Settings - Apps with background access.

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It’s outside of the scope of this feature as it’s quite dangerous already and should only be granted to an app in exceptional circumstances just like accessibility services and device administrators.

Copperhead OS disables access to the clipboard by apps in the background by default.

It’s an early implementation aimed at fleshing out the full set of functionality and working towards disabling access by default.

The powerful ‘draw over other apps’ special permission can be used to remain in the foreground.

Android is moving towards this but doesn’t yet enforce it even for apps targeting Android Oreo.

Unlike stock Android, Copperhead OS doesn’t permit any automatic grants of the special “Display over other apps” permission. Apps have their own private storage directories and can share files with other apps using content providers.The dangerous permission groups can still be toggled off via Settings - Permissions and provide empty data where possible rather than failing for compatibility.By contrast, Copperhead OS presents the user with a menu where they can review and disable dangerous permission groups before the app is able to run.Dangerous permission groups can also be audited / toggled by group instead of by app using Settings - App permissions.For apps targeting old versions of the Android platform, stock Android grants all requested dangerous permissions at install time.The substantial difference is that stock Android doesn’t give the user a chance to toggle off permissions before the app is able to run.

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