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Out of interest, for someone that has Bodypaint and Zbrush, what features does 3d-coat offer that they don't?

3dcoat updating obj-77

Will have to take it for a test drive sometime, though since I already have ZB3, Modo , Mudbox, Silo and of course BP it may be overkill :) The curve and transform tools in 3D-coat do look quite intriguing...would be great to have in BP.

My workplace is Mac based , so I also wouldn't mind this on Mac as well.

showtopic=948 Great work Pavel, and the 3D Coat looks really appealing, have still to try it though :)Whoah, hard to tell what's the tool and what's the artist in that great render. But everytime I turn around there's a great new app or plugin that isn't supported on OSX. You hear rumors about when it will be here, but it never happens.

I can't imagine what would take them this long to get an OSX version.

I hope you understand me :-) PWell, I thought the process is usually to subdivide the mesh in the sculpting app, sculpt, export displacement/normal maps, then in C4D, for instance, load the low res mesh and apply the displacements.

Can meshes be subdivided in 3D Coat and follow this process? You can export many version (5 or 6 I think) and correctly normal and displace maps suitable to shape (and subdivision) you exported.4: It has pretty nice system for projection painting, much better than BP 3D :-( 5: amazing layers system (for scultps an textures) 6: amazing and really live PSD exchange system 7: perfect "mesh mirror" system, copy a model part system etc 8: perfect "spline" system for strips etc 9: Cool "magnification" system and mush more... I have Silo 2 which has the ability, but still in fluz as far as usability.3D Coat looks like a good buy for what I would need. A really nice image and a great tribute to Douglas Addams, the man was a genius.If you ever get the time to screen-capture some of your work in 3D Coat I bet a lot of people would find it very interesting to see the workflow (Well I know I would anyway! Hello Richard, I know, I still did not a last hair tutorial part... I write a huge czech articles about it, I do there many huge screens... Pavel Damn, why is there NEVER Mac support for these great apps? I'll probably get a Boxxx or build my own PC so I don't have to go through all this.) Cheers, Brian Since there is interest for the mac platform, it'd help those who are interested to leave a comment here: Still under attack, I did two articles yesterday, I must do a finally correction of czech version of Arndts book to Sunday, I must go to the school of art today... Apple is gonna have to provide incentive or stop making it increasingly difficult. I like the Mac, I like it alot more than windows as far as OS' go.This is way i still do my sculpting in Mudbox and for fine detail like wrinkles, i bring the mesh into 3D-Coat. IMO, the sculpting and painting is still ALOT better then Modo's.

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